Portrayed by

George Newbern

Bill is a former boyfriend of Melanie and Joy. He is a shoe salesman and has a foot fetish. He was once married but his wife died.


In the episode "Birthdates", he goes out with Melanie and he throws up on her because she looks like his dead wife so he felt uncomfortable dating her.

In the episode "Arch Enemies", he runs into Melanie and he asks her out while at a restaurant he tells Melanie that he could get her a shoe sample and goes underneath their table and he takes a picture of her feet and he tells her that she is the perfect package from the top of her pretty head all the way down to her super sexy toe cleavage Melanie feels weird that he is checking out her toes but Melanie thinks that he just noticed she has pretty feet and Victoria and Joy say that men don't notice feet unless they like feet but Melanie feels more weird when they go out to another restaurant Melanie is surprised when Bill gives her a present a ring and her feelings change when she finds out is a toe ring Bill bends down on one knee and asks May I Melanie says Yes and everyone is cheering until he puts it on her toe Melanie later feels she has to accept Bill instead of breaking up with him Bill comes to her house and he tells her she is so perfect and she is prettier than Keira Knightley when she asks him to make a claim he asks if she's seen her feet that is when Melanie tells him that she knows he is into something and she would support it Bill feels happy and tells her he was hoping she would say that he asks her to sit on a chair and left her feet up and walks over pretending to be a traffic cop and says I couldn't help but notice your feet Melanie feels weird about this but goes along with it and he tells her that he has something for her feet Melanie hopes it is shoe samples but it is puppets Melanie realizes it is not going to work about between her and Bill

In the episode "The Anger Games", Melanie sets Bill up with Joy but she doesn't want to go out with him because of his foot fetish. She ends up going out with him anyway.