Joy Scroggs




Owen (Son)

Betty (Daughter)




Simon (Owen's father)

Bob (Husband)

Victoria (accidental marriage)

Mitch (ex-romantic interest)


Melanie Moretti

Victoria Chase

Elka Ostrovsky



Rejoyla "Joy" Scroggs is the eyebrow styling queen of Beverly Hills. She was engaged once in her 20s (but was left at the altar); she had a child at 15 and gave him up for adoption. Now in her mid-40s, Joy doesn't suffer fools lightly; she's judgmental and calls them as she sees them. On the surface, she's cynical and pessimistic, yet inside, she's vulnerable and an utter romantic. She has a strong and instant dislike toward caretaker Elka Ostrovsky, perhaps because the two have more in common than either would like to admit.

Joy, who is from England, admitted to having come to the United States to live to distance herself from her mother Philippa, who had criticized her daughter for most of her life. Even as they communicate through the internet Joy still bears the brunt of her mother's wrath and can tell when she can feel her prescene from across the Atlantic, even through the world wide web. In the Season 2 finale episode "Elka's Wedding" she finds out that she married Victoria in Canada when they were drunk.

She is portrayed by Jane Leeves


Joy's ex-fiancé is referred to as Kyle Jones in the episode "How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?", but is referred to as Kyle Costa in subsequent episodes.