Melanie Moretti
Hot In Cleveland S2 Valerie Bertinelli
Melanie in Season 2.
Basic Information
Name Melanie Moretti
Gender Female
Spouse Anders Moretti (divorced)
Children Will Moretti
Jenna Moretti
Friends Victoria Chase, Joy Scroggs, Elka Ostrovsky
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by Valerie Bertinelli

Melanie Moretti is a 40-something, recently divorced mother of two college-aged children, William Moretti and Jenna Moretti. She met her former husband Anders in college, and dropped out when she was pregnant with Will. Her ex shocks her by becoming engaged to Kim, a fitness model/yoga instructer half her age (her fake age, that is). Melanie recently wrote a book, called 200 Things Every Woman Should Do before She Dies. Always the optimist, Melanie is fiercely loyal to her friends, soap actress Victoria Chase and eyebrow stylist Joy Scroggs, and together they navigate Cleveland and its men. She just started dating a police officer named Pete and is obsessed with him. Joy noted that when they are lovemaking that she can hear her hooting like an owl.

Melanie's early childhood revealed that she was always being overprotected by her mother Loretta. So protective that every Halloween, Melanie could only trick or treat at two places -- her family house and her grandparents. Melanie, fed up with dealing with her mother's overbearing, had to convince her mother that she needed to take risk and stop being protective, even after she discovered Loretta in bed with Victoria's father (Loretta is still married). Melanie also has a sister, who called her "Smelanie" because Loretta thought that Melanie had a bowel problem, which Melanie denies.


She is currently portrayed by Valerie Bertinelli.