Melanie, Joy and Victoria plan a holiday in Paris when their plane makes an emergency stop in Cleveland. There they find a welcoming community that is less shallow, youth-obsessed and weight-conscious than L.A. and decide to stay and live there in a home that also comes with a sassy caretaker, named Elka. Through the season the girls go through numerous situations like, Victoria faking a disease to get sympathy Daytime Emmy votes and rekindling a romance with her ex-rock star boyfriend; Melanie having her son visit and thinking he is engaged, and having her mother visit and sleep with Victoria's father; Joy getting set up on a date with a guy who resembles a serial killer and dating a younger guy she thinks may be the son she gave up for adoption; while Elka dyes her hair bright red and gets caught in a love triangle between two guys. In the season finale, a tornado hits Cleveland and the girls seek shelter in Elka's basement. There they discover that Elka's late husband was a fence for the mob, and she is subsequently arrested by Melanie's cop boyfriend.