Victoria Chase,
Lady Lawson
Hot in cleveland wendie malick
Basic Information
Name Victoria Chase,
Lady Lawson
Gender Female
Spouse Joy Scroggs (divorced)

Sir Emmett Lawson

Children Emmy
Friends Melanie Moretti
Joy Scroggs
Elka Ostrovsky
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by Wendie Malick

"Gather around, people!"

---Victoria Chase

Victoria Chase is a main character in the show, Hot in Cleveland.



Victoria loves to be the center of attention. She can't get enough compliments and is, as much as one can be, delightfully vain. For 27 years, she played Honor St. Raven on the recently canceled daytime drama Edge of Tomorrow. She has five ex-husbands, three children and one grandchild. She still suspects her third spouse may have been gay. She was also married to a wide receiver, even though she didn't know what sport he played in. Now at her late 50's , Victoria may be self-obsessed, but she's always there when her friends need her.

Victoria is a second generation actress, having following in the footsteps of her father Alex, a theater actor who never took notice of Victoria's career because she went into television, prompting Victoria to criticize her father for being a womanizer because he hits on any woman that captures his eye, especially Joy, Melanie's mother and even Elka.

In the episode "The Play's The Thing," Victoria was asked by a fan to help out his drama class with their production of "Romeo & Juliet." Unfortunately, when the teen that was supposed to play Juliet bailed out before it was about to begin, Victoria stepped in and got a shocking reaction from the audience. That surprise move resulted in Victoria landing a job with the high school as their new acting teacher. Has three children: Emmy, Oscar, & Tony. In the Season 2 finale episode "Elka's Wedding" she finds out that she married Joy in Canada when they were drunk.

She most recently won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Season 4 she starts to date a guy named Emmett Lawson the relationship starts to blosom with Emmett asking Victoria to marry him in the episode What Now,My Love?

She is portrayed by Wendie Malick.


  • If you do the math 30 + 27, shes probably 57.
  • She accidentally married Joy Scroggs while drunk.
  • Victoria named each of her children after awards.
  • Was once married to a wide receiver.
  • Her third spouse was gay.
  • Victoria is a second generation actress.
  • Victoria is self-obsessed.
  • Victoria shares her children's names with Colo, the oldest living gorilla in captivity.