William "Will" Moretti is the son of Melanie Moretti and her ex-husband, Anders. He has one siblings, a sister named Jenna. He has made 2 appearances on the show.


  • His first appearance is in Season 1 Episode 9, Good Luck faking the Goiter. He comes to visit on his way back from college, she invades his privacy and learns a little too much when she discovers that he did not tell her about getting engaged. She uses his cell phone to text his girlfriend by pretending to be Will, resulting in their break up. Joy, believing that she is experiencing a mid-life crisis, tries seeking going to different therapists; using this experience she is able to help Will and Melanie reconnect. 
  • His second appearance is in Season 3 Episode 9, Love is BlindVictoria receives a surprise visit from her daughter, Emmy and Melanie from her son Will, who reveal their plan to wed each other. 


Played by Joe Jonas